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Getting Back On Track After a Slack [Vlog]

  The new is ready to unfold, deep dreams that can come true surrender what you were once toldto believe and receive what’s due. Sometimes in life there are moments when you know it’s time to draw a line in the sand. You may have outgrown behaviors, patterns, situations or even friendships…. and it’s often not until we close the door to the old, that the new can enter in, so that you can:. take …

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Learning the Languages of Love [+Vlog]

Do you know how you express your love? And how you need to be loved? This past week or so, I have picked up the habit of listening to an audiobook about 20-30min each morning while preparing myself for the day. So. Good. This past week, I listened to a book which I’d been wanting to read for ages: the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The book is such an eye- and heart-opener, which is why …

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