Happy New Year!! (Poem)

Dear You,

Just wanted to write you a personal post to
wish you the most beautiful beginning of this new decade!
Hopefully you are ending the old and starting the new year
on a fulfilling, fun and focused note.
Below is a reflection poem for the transition into the twenties.
May it be your best decade so far!!

Endings and Beginnings

A decade is about to end
Old wounds slowly began to mend
We became, at least, a bit more wise 
As new aspirations start to arise

All the lessons we have learned
And the moments when we yearned
For more peace and happiness
And to stress a little less…

The perfect moment to stand still
Reflect a little as you will
For what do you deeply long?
What made you sparkle and feel strong? 

Some people may have strayed away,
Sadly they weren’t meant to stay
Yet many more have entered in
For beautiful friendships to begin

What will this decade have in store?
What is it that your heart beats for?
You know you can always start again
Reclaim your dream and write down when

Connected to our source above
Treasuring those we truly love
Communicating truth from our heart
Expressing unique works of art

What is your intention for this year?
Which flower will sprout from each cried tear?
Remember you’re beautiful as you are
I hope you will shine your inner star!

Poem by Nicky de Koning

This poem is from my heart to yours,. Warmly welcome to share this link with friends, but please do not publish without permission. Thank you for respecting!

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