Party: Ending The Year With a Bang… or a Bell [POEM]

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How do you define one? A gathering with good music, great people, dancing, drinks? A warm and loving time with those close to you? A victory dance or a high five after a success? Something more subtle, such as a moment of celebration during the day, or even better, turning each day into a celebration? 
Whichever way you celebrate 2022 coming to a close – I hope it will be beautiful. Reminiscing on the highs, reflecting on the lows, realizing they both bring us ahead.

To summarize this transition from the old year to the new, I have written a poem with some reflection questions in it. I hope you enjoy it! As an extra, I really recommend wrapping the result of your reflections into one word, which will be your word for 2023. For now all that’s left to say, enjoy ending the year in your way and I wish you a new year, come what may!

Poem: Ending The Year With a Bang or a Bell

It’s time to end this ‘old’ year well
Whether it’s with a bang or a bell
You made it through, you got things done
Which brings us to the part that’s fun

Reviewing moments, good and bad
Looking towards the new year ahead
Let’s answer with sincerity
Some reflection questions for clarity

With insights from lessons that this year taught
And gratitude for the beauty it brought
Relief perhaps from the battles fought
There may be more than you had thought:

What was the very best moment you had?
What broke your heart or made you sad?
What had you not expected to see?
What was a personal victory?

If you could make a change, what would you do?
What lessons will you take with you?
Did you take an old book off your shelf?
Or learn something new about yourself?

And what would a window to the new year show?
Which part of yourself would you like to see grow?
The plants you water are the ones that live
What is it that you would like to give?

In which life area will your focus be?
What one result would you like to see?
What can you do to get ahead?
How late would you like to go to bed? 😉

The healthy new habits we create
Bring changes that with time accumulate
With small action steps we can overcome fear
What dream would you love to move toward this year?

I wish you faith, and hope, and love
Not getting lost in storms but rising above
With a sense of peace and feeling light
May the new year be blessed and bright!

Wishing you an amazing start of 2023!


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