Ignite Your Inner Fire!

I have a question for you: if you knew you had a fire burning inside of you… what would that look like at this moment? You can even close your eyes as you determine its state: Is it burning bright, peacefully alight, perhaps a flickering flame, or is it even about to burn out?

Now that you are aware of the state of this inner flame, you have taken the first step towards a more empowered way of going about your day.

Staying aware of the state of your inner fire  connects you to your personal source of power and passion.

Your inner fire is your most valuable source of energy, passion, and fulfillment. It is the resource, the fuel, that allows you to breathe life into your dreams and desires. Your inner fire enables you to:

  • Stay motivated, inspired and passionate to work each day on the goals of your soul,
  • Rise above the voices inside of your head that may try and convince you to give up, that everyone else is better, that you’re not worth it, or whatever else it tells you.
  • Spark your heart, allowing you to share the warmth and love with those close to you.

When you Inner Fire burns brighter than your doubts or fears, criticism or judgment, you have a secret source of energy to sustain you.

The beautiful thing is: it’s all inside of you! It’s literally in your own hands to rub the wooden sticks that re-ignite your inner flame. You are the one who can add some paper or even a log of wood to rekindle your fire. Of course it is always nice when someone else fans your flames, as Rumi’s quote below says, but in the end, you are the one who needs to guard that fire inside your heart.

Sometimes it means that you need to:

  • Rekindle Your Flame = Taking a break from everything to bring the warmth of your attention onto yourself.
  • Feed Your Fire = This is the most important task we have. Just like we would regularly add wood to a fire, we too need to regularly feed ourselves with nourishing activities and people to keep our inner fire burning brightly.
  • Guard Your Fire = Setting boundaries with people and projects so that they don’t overload and suffocate your inner fire.
  • Blow Your Fire Back On = Sometimes our daily doings prevent us from tending to our fire in the way we need to, for a longer period of time. The flame might start to flicker… or even extinguish. In these cases we need some soul s.o.s! In order to blow back life into ourselves and our fire, we need to take a break and breathe… reconnect to that inner source inside, which eventually sparks the flame again.

Only You Can Guard The Flame and Feed The Fire Inside Of Your Heart.

Now that you’re once again aware of the importance of tending to your inner flame, what one thing will you today to add some fuel to your inner fire? Welcome to share in the comments!


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