Nice to meet you!

We All Have a Story...

We all have a story in life, a journey we take as we come closer to
who we really are and who we’re meant to be in life.
Often leading through strain and pain,
until we regain our sense of self.

Your story makes up who you are.... so far

During our trajectory together, you’ll be sharing (part of) your story.

This is one of the most empowering actions to take in life.

Putting puzzle pieces from the past into perspective ,

Preparing for the new chapter ahead… 

Here is some of my story...

My name is Nicky de Koning and as a Dutch/German child of tourism-entrepreneur parents,
and partly growing up in Kenya, I caught the travel bug. 

This led to living, traveling, working and studying abroad for about half of my life.
In places such as Australia, Bali, Costa Rica, Kenya, Spain, Switzerland and more.

After my International Business studies and gaining marketing experience in different countries,
a career-changing coaching education led to a ‘dream life’ as digital-nomad entrepreneur.
I worked from my laptop in social media marketing and life coaching.
Life seemed sunny, but it was stormy inside.

Long story short, in 2018 after almost twenty years of spiritual seeking (yoga, meditation, etc)
I unexpectedly became a believer in Bali! After coming home in Christian faith,
I returned to my roots in The Netherlands, building my life on a new foundation.

You could say I’m familiar with new beginnings, inside and out, all over the world, in work and in life.
As a Life Coach I love supporting you with your new beginnings, whether internally or externally.

So, that was some of my story...

And this is my coach approach

Coaching Mission

As a life coach, I believe that it’s my role to encourage and empower you to find your own insights inside.

We won’t dive deeply into your past, but look ahead, creating a vision that we will work and walk towards.

It’s my mission to see you walking step by step towards your purpose, and not need me anymore 😉

Coaching Education and Trainings

After a year-long Life Coach training in The Netherlands (2014/15),
I followed several courses in: 

Behavioral Change
Communication (NLP)
CBT-based Mental Health Coaching and
Personality Assessment (DISC and Driving Forces)

Although I’ve learned most from being coached (2003-23) and providing coaching (since 2015):

Self-employed (2016-now), NewFysic (2019-22), Inuka Coaching (2023-now).

How about you?

Now that you know a bit more about me, I'd love to learn more about you.

Especially if you find yourself stressed or stuck or struggling,

trying so hard to make everything work on your own,

whether it’s in your life or in your business…

I would love to gently remind you:

You were never meant to! 

Let's Connect for a FREE Clarity Call

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We will get to know eachother and see if we ‘click’

We will start to clarify your coaching theme

You can ask me all of your questions

I look forward to meeting you!

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