Free to Be Me [Poem]

“Freedom is the message here.
No longer being held back by fear”

Nicky de Koning

This paragraph belongs to a poem I recently wrote and will share below. About living life free as we’re meant to be.

So often, we adapt to external expectations and situations and may lose ourselves in the process.

In those moments, the art lies in finding the way back ‘home’ to ourselves. Luckily, we always have the compass in our hearts, and a reset is only a break and a breath away.

Poem: Free To Be Me

The work was slowly piling up
With all my heart I wished to stop
For just a second turn inside
The doors of my heart open wide

A breath of fresh air as I arrive
A part inside starts to revive
Tears of relief flood down my cheeks
Where have you hidden all those weeks?

A moment can be all it takes
To let go of external breaks
That hinder us from flowing free
From moving where we want to be

Now here I am, real, vulnerable, free
The Me that I’m supposed to be
As the wind blows and the water flows,
The fire burns and the earth turns

Freedom is the message here
No longer being held back by fear
It’s time to end the era of fake
Stepping up as I am, my soul is at stake

Learning each day, how to be more real
Asking inside, how do you feel?
Heart open to others, soul ready to serve
To live life limitless, with passion and verve

~Nicky de Koning


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