Life Coaching Sessions

Sometimes in life, we lose our sense of direction...

There are times in life, when your light shines a little less brightly. A burn-out, break-up or unexpected situation may have you in need of a breakthrough. 

Right now you may be feeling:

Stressed, Stuck or Scattered,
Alone, Anxious or Aimless,
Empty or Exhausted,
Sad or Seeking

As if you have lost your direction, or yourself even… 

Life Coaching Supports you to find your Direction

Life Coaching supports you in defining and finding your way 'home'

Calm in the chaos

This happens to the best of us! So first, let yourself off the hook and let’s have a look at how to find your way ‘home’ to yourself.

The road back home starts with a destination that we will define and walk towards.

Life Coaching supports you with:

Finding answers,
overcoming obstacles,
changing long-held habits,
discovering potential and purpose,
pointing to new perspectives, and more.

We may find that things had to fall apart, in order to fall together in a better way!

Sometimes things have to get messy to get you moving you into the direction of your dreams. Your low can help you grow towards a life that lights you up!

Are you ready to take your first step?

Let’s create clarity in your circumstances and start carving a path towards a life that lines up with your Personality, Purpose and Passion.

Life Coaching Spark and Shine Your Light


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Practical Information

  • Location/ Online

    All sessions take place online via the video call application of your choice (Zoom, Skype, etc.)

  • Language

    Your coaching session can take place in either English, Dutch or German.

  • Pricing and Packages

    Currently, due to Covid-19, the price for a single session is reduced to €75,- (regular price is €90). There are also different packages available, which you can find >>here.

  • Session Time

    Each session takes 75 minutes, so that we have enough time to warm up and wind down.

  • Trajectory Duration

    An average coaching trajectory consists of 5 sessions, divided over 10 weeks. This means that a coaching session takes place every two weeks. Depending on your situation, we can also have a longer or shorter trajectory. Whatever works best.

  • What is Coaching?

    Do you have any general questions about what coaching is and is not, and whether it is right for you? Simply keep reading or visit the FAQ section.


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How Can Life Coaching Help You?

A Life Coach Supports You in Defining and Reaching a Desired Destination in Your Life.

That destination is highly personal, but some examples are:

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Is Life Coaching Right For You?

Here Is a Simple Overview of What Life Coaching Is, and What It's Not:

Life Coaching Means: 

 Answers: a life coach will assist you in finding your own answers, instead of giving advice, and you may be surprised at the wisdom of them.

 Goal-Orientation: At the beginning of our trajectory, we will define an objective for our time together, and each session we will work and walk closer toward that goal.

Action-Orientation: As inspiring as it is to gain insights, it’s just as important to implement them, which we will do in an individual and step-by-step way.

 Engagement: Coaching is like a dance in which we both participate. As your coach, I will show up fully prepared and present for your session, and it’s just as important for you to do the ‘work’ during and sometimes in-between sessions

Life Coaching Does Not Mean:

Instant Results: Growth takes time, we can see it in nature and it’s the same with personal growth. Just like losing weight, the faster you lose it, the sooner it’s usually gained back.

X Mentoring or Consulting: I will will not give you any advice in these sessions, I do assist you in finding your own answers.

X  Therapy or Counselling: We will not process your past in detail and if you have underlying issues, I do advise you to seek professional help first.

X A Cookie-Cutter-Approach: While I do use techniques at times, I do not offer a 10-step plan or program. Our coaching journey is highly individual and depends on your own input.


In the hectic of our daily lives we are forced to move faster and faster. These sessions will help you find peace within all the possibilities.


Whether you want to find your passion, turn it into a profession or live with more passion in your daily life, let's start igniting your spark once again.


We all have patterns that prevent us from living our full potential. In our sessions, we will identify and replace them with productive ones.


In order to reach your full potential, our sessions don't just focus on igniting insights, they also include clear goals, action steps and accountability.