Life Coaching Sessions

Finding and Fueling your Spark


Are you usually:

Adventurous, Bright, Creative, a Dreamer, Excited, Fun…  

Wanting to make the best out of this precious life?

 Yet currently feeling slightly stressed or struck?

Ready to once again…. THRIVE in Life?


 ‘“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,

because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

Do you know what makes you come alive?

Do you know what it is that makes you come alive? 

Igniting the SPARK that shines out through your eyes?

The passion and purpose that make you smile inside?



Let's fuel your inner flame so you can shine brightly again!

Life happens. Circumstances may make us doubt ourselves, or our direction,
dim our inner light,  or make us feel stuck, stressed or plain exhausted. 

But no matter the weather, the sun always shines behind the clouds. 
In the same way your passion, potential and positive outlook may simply need to be uncovered or rediscovered. 

During these life coaching sessions, we‘ll walk together for  a while to find your spark and fan your flames, until your fire burns brightly again.


Light Up Your Life Coaching (1-on-1)

These life coaching sessions focus on finding your inner spark. 

Reigniting passion, purpose and peace in your life,



What Will You Receive?


 • Coaching Sessions (1, 3 or 7x) depending on your package.

• Personal Practice Point/s at the end of each session.

• Weekly check-in moment to stay on track!

• Skype, Zoom, FB Video –  You choose.

•  Schedule your own sessions..

More Information:


These sessions are for those of you who are working towards the next level in your life/ business growth but for some reason keep on repeating the same patterns and are READY TO RESET.


These Coaching Sessions start with determining your specific DESTINATION, in other words, a dream or goal that you are ready to work towards.

Once we are clear on your focus, we will look at OBSTACLES that may have been holding you back and find ways to OVERCOME THEM.


All sessions take place online via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp Video.


These sessions are for you if you have a VISION that you would like to work towards and for entrepreneurs who would like to become VISIBLE for ideal clients in an authentic way.

All sessions are with me, Nicky de Koning, Certified Life Coach traject


Depending on your destination and situation, we may need one or more sessions. The following trajectories are available:



1 Single Session:
110 euro


3 Sessions:

320 euro

5 Sess

530 euro

(All-In prices, no surprises!)

The intention behind all coaching sessions is to support and empower you in finding freedom  withing your situation and learning to recognize and rely on your own intuition. 
For this reason, the following three elements are important parts of the process:



At the start of your trajectory, we will define a life vision to zoom in on during our coaching sessions. This focus  remains the red thread throughout our time together.



Along the way there may be words, gestures or memories that point to precious cues for underlying unconscious issues, following these will speed up our process 


Freedom is the goal, plus part of the method. The aim is to find freedom in a certain area of your life and personality. Also, by freely expressing what’s on your heart during our sessions, you will rediscover and reconnect with your own inner wisdom.

Schedule Your Clarity Call:

During this free video call, we start to create clarity on where you stand and what you would like to work towards. Simply fill in the form below to schedule your call:

What to Expect? Others About Nicky

  • ‘Nicky has a profound talent to see the potential in others. Her reflections and feedback helped and encouraged me to step up to do what my heart longed to do, but which I didn’t give myself permission to. For instance, did we brainstorm ideas how to increase my wealth, which helped me amongst other things to achieve a major shift in my career! Thank you for everything, Nicky!’

    Bibi Gratzer, Austria
    Founder and Life Coach at
  • “Thank you so much for your session helping me to get to the bottom of some of my fears around public speaking and what was holding me back.

    Before our session the thought of public speaking petrified me and I was dreading having to do a talk later on that day, but you helped me to change all that! I can’t believe how much I LOVED getting up and speaking! I wasn’t nervous and had so much fun presenting.

    Thank YOU so much Nicky! Seriously, our session was brilliant. I can’t believe how deep we went in such a short time.”

    Tara Jackson, UK
    Holistic Health and Wellness Coach at
  • Nicky is a human angel, that’s for sure. In a brief breakfast chat she coached me through a deeply set traumatic memory and belief I had been holding energetically for what feels like my entire life. I was ready to release it but with Nicky’s support I felt safe in doing so

    Sydney Campos, USA
    Author and Mentor at
  • I Just had my inner critic session with Nicky, and all I can say is, wow. This simple session is actually a life-changer! I want everyone I know to do it! The world would be a different place if we all rose above this inner critic. So if you’re wondering whether or not this is for you, wonder no longer. The answer is yes. You will stand taller afterward. Thank you, Nicky! You are a treasure”

    Dia Michelle Smith, USA + Bali
    Soul Therapist and Yoga Teacher
  • “After spending an afternoon with Nicky focused on goals and dreams, in one brief sentence, she was able to shift a mental pattern from fear to freedom which set me on track for success and growth immediately. I have been able to apply this to multiple areas in my life since! Thanks for your highly effective, professional support Nicky!”

    Ashley David, USA
    Women's Empowerment Facilitator

Ready to Light Up Your Life?

Are you ready to ignite your inner fire?
Are you ready to DO your dreams?
Are you ready for more flow?
Are you ready for a reset?
Are you ready to rise?
And to shine?

(20 min free 1-on-1 Skype or Zoom call) 


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