Comfort in Corona Times

By now, whether or not the Corona virus is in people’s bodies, it surely is on most of our minds. It has been on my mind too, and so I wanted to share some reflections on finding comfort throughout this ‘corona-crisis’. Of course they all start with a C… 😇


When entering half empty grocery stores, we may (inwardly) criticize those who buy in bulk, or start panicking. We could also realize that these people are full of fear, which in turn creates compassion.

We can either worry about becoming a carrier of the corona virus or we can work towards become a carrier of compassion and care. Simply said, instead of focusing on the fear of spreading the virus, we can focus on spreading love.


When we take attention away from our fears, we widen our perspective towards those who wholeheartedly work at hospitals, schools, police stations, supermarkets and so many other service sectors, to make sure we stay safe and are taken care of. We can also continue to think of those people who are high-risk groups and how they must be feeling right now.

On another note, this virus is showing that we’re all in this together and it’s not just about ‘saving ourselves’ because the only way we can actually achieve staying safe, is by taking care of each other. By staying at home when we’re ill, sneezing/coughing into our elbows, washing our hands, a lot, we make sure that the virus doesn’t spread, which is ultimately for the good of ourselves and our loved ones too 🙃


Next, we can ask ourselves, how we can contribute. We all have our unique ways. Whether it is comforting a colleague who is overworked or worried, or acknowledging the cashier at the supermarket, writing a card to elderly people who might feel even more isolated now or donating to a related cause. Sharing your skills. It doesn’t have to be huge and world-changing. It can be a simple smile that takes away someone’s feeling of loneliness. 


Social distance seems to be the recommended remedy these days, it’s also lonely and disheartening, especially to those who are high-risk groups. Even if we can’t connect in person, we can always connect with a call or even better, a Facetime or Skype session to say hi to those we love a little more often that we usually would..


We know the importance of our immune system during these times, as well as the effect of stress on it. So how can we stay calm in a ‘crisis’? One way is to wonder: ‘can all your worries add a single moment to your life?’ (Luke 12:25)

Although it can seem tempting to ease our anxiety by reading the news, this usually has the opposite effect. Instead of ‘informing’ ourselves even more, we can adhere to the basic guidelines and use the time that we save, to cultivate calmness. We all have our ways. From basics such as healthy nutrition, hygiene, sleep, structure, supplements… to making sure our mindset stays positive, for instance by means of gratitude: thanking instead of overthinking.


Yes this may not be a point you would think of straightaway during these times. But crisis creates a huge chance for change and personal growth. We could use the time we gain by being more at home, in order to gain perspective on our patterns, we can come out of this crisis stronger than before.

Common Sense

Just had to add this one to the list. No need to write more about it I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Basically it boils down to choosing where we put our focus. Each day that this situation lasts, we can make better for ourselves and others by asking and acting on this question:

Am I spreading fear or love?


Thanks for reading all the way through if you did! 😅

Would LOVE to hear your reflections on this theme as well… feel free to share them in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Comfort in Corona Times”

  1. Totally agree. Nice sum-up. Especially the one looking more positively at the ones grasping for toilet paper in the super markets 😜

    1. Thanks so much Dennis, just reading this now. Haha I know right, more compassion for the toilet paper hoarders is a skill these days 😅 Thanks for all your good vibes too! ✨

  2. Thank you! Very well expressed, and definitely much needed in these “crazy days” we are living! We are confined at home since past Friday, and until the 30th of this month (at the moment). 2 teenagers, my wife and I, dog and 4 cats! Trying to be as creative as possible, and enjoying every moment! All the best, keep safe, and everybody PLEASE stay home! #quedateencasa

    1. Thanks so much for your reply Paul, just reading this now. It certainly are ‘crazy days’ right now, hopefully you are still having a creative time together, it sure sounds like you are making the best out of it! All the best and yes to #strayathome/ #queadateencasa

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