A New Now: How To Continue After a Crisis?

A New Now: How to Continue after a Crisis - Blog

“How are you currently feeling?”

This is the only way I can possibly think of starting this blog article. And I truly would care to hear your answer… in a comment or a personal message, whichever way. 

Perhaps you can also pass this question on to a person you encounter, each day. And then deeply listen. That person can also be yourself by the way.

We’ve all been through a tough time… 

Almost a year and a half ago, country after country started announcing restrictions and lockdowns. It’s been quite a ride taking place mainly inside. The world has been shaken and stirred, and still is, in certain parts of the planet. But thankfully it is also still standing. So are we.

Now what do we do next?

How to move on after parts of our world have been locked down, shut down or slowed down? There is no manual on how to continue after a Covid-19 Pandemic. There’s also no certainty that it is truly over. There’s no clear vision of what the world will look like moving forward. But then again. Do we really need to know? 

This pandemic proved to be a playground for our potential to pop up

Not necessarily willingly, consciously, or even happily. But many people and  organisations have gone through major changes within months that would have normally taken years. We learned to be agile and adaptable, to adjust our attitudes and our schedules, to be creative, disciplined, empathetic, and so much more. We may have discovered sides of ourselves (or perhaps our loved ones!) that we didn’t even know we had. 

The realization that our world can change from almost one moment to the next, is now deeply ingrained in us all… 

Just what do we do with this awareness?

Winston Churchill once brilliantly recommended to: “never waste a good crisis“. So how do we make sure that we don’t waste this Covid-19-Crisis?

Of course, as a life coach I can’t resist sharing some reflection questions to help you extract the best from this past period. 


Of course, you can also go through these reflections with a good friend, spouse, life partner, cat or dog . Make sure that you take turns and truly listen to each other. Ok maybe not if you chose your cat or dog!

If you go through these questions by yourself, make sure that you are mild towards yourself 🙂 

Another option is of course to schedule a coaching session (more below) to dive deeper and come out strong, secure and shining. 

Ready to go? Let’s get started!

Evaluate and Evolve:

10 Questions to Reflect on the Past Pandemic Period:

  1. How did you experience this past Pandemic period? What feelings did it bring up?
  2. How are you feeling in this phase of the pandemic? Why is it that you feel this way?
  3. If the period since the beginning of 2020 would have brought you a gift.. what would that be?
  4. What is an important life lesson that you have learned?
  5. What has been the most difficult for you during the pandemic?
  6. Who or what has helped you most during this difficult phase?
  7. In which area have you had the chance to grow and evolve this past period?
  8. Have you picked up a positive habit or new skill during this period? 
  9. What have you learned about the role of your friends and family in your life?
  10. What is one priority for you after the pandemic, and how will you contribute in creating a positive post-pandemic phase?
And… done! Congratulations!!

Now that you have answered all those questions, you may have gathered new insights and perhaps even inspiration for this (hopefully) post-pandemic period. 

From Inspiration to Integration

In order to move from inspiration to integration, you can now summarize your answers to these questions into one short statement.  And then, take another moment to shorten this statement even more. This may look something like this:

The pandemic period has been difficult for me as it took away a sense of stability and safety with decreased freedom, requiring increased flexibility and distance. It brought anxiety at times, but taught me that connecting with God and close ones- honestly and openly- is key. My lesson learned is to proactively look for the positive as well as practice gratitude for who and what I do have. Corona’s gift to me is the reminder to truly stay connected with closed ones and so-called strangers alike, searching commonalities.

Care to Share?
Did you manage to make your statement more succinct? Either way, it would be great to read yours in the comments below. This also provides a way to hold yourself accountable regarding your priority for this new period, of course you can also always share it with a trusted friend or family member. 

Reflecting this way helps us process this past period, cope with the current situation, increase our resilience and identify what we can control and choose to focus on as we move forward.

Let’s not waste this corona crisis as we keep the best, let go of the rest and decide to make this a time of new beginnings, even if it’s just in our attitude!


Special Covid-19 Coaching Offer

Currently most of us are in an in-between phase and may still feel a little disoriented. We’re not yet out of the crisis but also not yet in a new now. 

This makes it the perfect time to create closure on the pandemic phase, and reflect on priorities for you in the upcoming post-pandemic phase. 

For this reason, I have extended my special Covid-19 Coaching Offer

This means that you can still schedule your coaching session for a price of:

€75 for a one-hour session 
(or convert to your currency)

 If you have any questions, have a look here or send me a message!

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