Nicky de Koning

Comfort in Corona Times

By now, whether or not the Corona virus is in people’s bodies, it surely is on most of our minds. It has been on my mind too, and so I wanted to share some reflections on finding comfort throughout this ‘corona-crisis’. Of course they all start with a C… 😇 Compassion When entering half empty …

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Happy New Year!! (Poem)

Dear You, Just wanted to write you a personal post to wish you the most beautiful beginning of this new decade! Hopefully you are ending the old and starting the new year on a fulfilling, fun and focused note.Below is a reflection poem for the transition into the twenties.May it be your best decade so …

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Embracing Emotions: Healing The Deeper Layers

Facing and embracing our emotions, especially the ones that we label as ‘negative’, is not something we’ve been taught how to do. Unfortunately. There are innumerable incredible ways to distract ourselves and keep our attention outside of ourselves. But we have never been taught how to look within and often don’t know where to start. And …

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A Leap of Faith – From Comfort to Christianity

As some of you already know, some months ago, I converted to Christianity. A change I had never, ever, ever expected myself to make in my life. It has taken me some time to share my story, but here we go, below are some milestones along the way that led to this literal leap of faith and change of heart: