Reframing Rest: What Is Your Relationship With Rest?

One look at the rising number of stress-related complaints and burnout , shows us where this go-go-go philosophy is taking us. None of us is immune, there is no pill or vaccine against it. Although the different types of rest come close. Unfortunately however, rest has a bad rep for many of us. We don’t see it as a medicine that can help us heal, a supplement that builds our strength or a way of life that nourishes us in the long run. Most of us see it as an afterthought, a necessary evil or something to save for our vacation. This is where reframing comes in.

Party: Ending The Year With a Bang… or a Bell [POEM]

Party! How do you define one? A gathering with good music, great people, dancing, drinks? A warm and loving time with those close to you? A victory dance or a high five after a success? Something more subtle, such as a moment of celebration during the day, or even better, turning each day into a celebration?

Priorities: Who and What Do You Love and Value Most?

A term that we throw around like snowballs, but how aware are you of your priorities? One step further, if you know your priorities, do you consciously create time for them?

Let’s dig into this theme like fresh snow and hopefully have as much fun as a snowball fight would be. Yes. The Christmas spirit has clearly arrived here.

Pray: Four Years After Finding Faith [POEM]

This month marks the anniversary of an event that took place a year after unexpectedly choosing Christianity. So to celebrate, I wanted to share the story four years later, and perhaps provide a perspective moment for you too, on the life-defining decisions that you may have made in your life.