Find Your Way Again and
Move Forward With Faith.

Life happens. We get lonely or lost, stressed or hurt.
Let's return with radiance, resilience, and rest. 

First things first. You matter.

You are important, you are loved, you are valuable
…even if you can’t receive it right now.

No matter what life looks like or what you’re going through, you’re not alone
…even if you can’t perceive it right now

God is guiding you, sending the right people on your path, showing you the next steps
…even if you can’t believe it right now.


Your circumstances don't define you, but they can refine you.

Whatever has you worried, you’re not alone, you probably know deep inside, that God is always with You. Even if you can’t receive, perceive or believe his presence and promises right now. 

Also, here is someone 👋🏻 who is very familiar with these phases in life. My name is Nicky, and I can’t wait to get to know you. As a fellow Christian and a Life Coach, I would love to walk with you for a while.

Helping you hear God’s leading for your life. Supporting you to see through the lies that may have slipped into your mind. Searching for the next step in your journey, with the Holy Spirit as healer and helper, comforter and counselor.

Nicky de Koning Life Coach


Christian Life Coaching is an adventure.

 We navigate your coaching journey by determining your goals as well as obstacles to overcome, all the while considering God’s plan and purpose for you.


 Remembering, (re)defining, discovering your dreams.
Getting closer to God, to yourself, and to those around you.
Realizing new ways to bring your God-given gifts into the world.
Overcoming thought and behavioral patterns that have held you back.

Those are all possible outcomes as we prayerfully embark on your journey. We first set the course, a clear vision to walk and work towards during our sessions, because ‘without vision people perish’. Next, we surrender the steering wheel to Jesus, with the Holy Spirit as a steady companion and guide, and God’s Word as our map.

Getting excited yet?

And no worries, I don’t talk in metaphors all the time, although having an image can clarify certain concepts.
Let me get more clear and concrete in the next section.


“I (the Lord) will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.

Psalms 32:8

Christian Life Coaching Can Support You If:

You have a hectic lifestyle and don’t even know how to begin experiencing more peace

→ You feel blocked or stuck in life and are unsure about which next step to take

→ You would like to learn how to constructively process your emotions

→ You would like to use more of your talents in your life/ work

→ You value a Christian framework and perspective





It’s my passion and honor to walk with you for a while, supporting you in seeing new perspectives for your problems and pathways towards your purpose. So that you can continue to fulfill your potential and peacefully walk the perfect path that God has for you. Pff that’s a lot of P’s.

We all get stuck at some point. Sometimes like a car endlessly turning its backwheels in a muddy pothole (ok I partly grew up in Kenya). Sometimes like a fog surrounding us, preventing us from seeing which next step to take. Sometimes like the loud sounds of a shopping mall or concert, where we can’t distinguish our own voice from the crowd. You may find yourself puzzled, not knowing where the next piece fits in, or where it even is. You may find yourself stuck, not knowing how to get out of this situation… Ok, let me leave behind the metaphors for a moment.

Do you find yourself lonely, doubting yourself, regretting or not sure about the next step?

Let me first remind you that you’re not alone. Here writing this is already one person who is familiar with all these phases and places. Also, as a Christian and Life Coach I would love to walk with you for a while. To help You hear God’s leading in all of this, to remind you of who you really are while seeing through the lies that may have slipped into your mind, searching for the next step in your journey through life, with the Holy Spirit.


Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. -Galatians 5:25



My name is Nicky de Koning from the Netherlands(and half German) and I’ve had my fair share of being lost… and found. I’ve lived all over the world for most of my life, and have had turbulent times inside and out. Throughout these times, I’ve received more coaching sessions than I can count, and it made all the difference in my life. So much so, that in 2014/15 I finally collected my courage to follow my dream and completed a yaer-long coaching training. In 2016 I opened my online practice and traveled around the world with it for a while. In 2018 in Bali, I found Christian faith(after 20 years of being spiritual-but-not-religious) which turned my life around. I returned to The Netherlands and started all over, got a second burn-out in 2022, but learned so much again and grew deeper roots in faith, and The Netherlands. Finally I feel ready, and led, to offer Christian Life Coaching as well. So yes, that’s a little about me. As you can see, I like to dive into the deep pretty fast, but in a loving way, and that’s also how I approach coaching


And I would love to learn more about you too. What is your story and how do you tell it to yourself and to others, which area of your life most needs some loving attention right now, and what would a positive change in your life look like?

Perhaps because of my personal experience, coachees who find me bring in themes such as:
Transforming negative self-talk and self-image, dealing with (strong) emotions and anxiety, overcoming stress and burnout, high sensitivity (HSP), determining and doing your dreams, as well as faith-based subjects such as: finding your way as a new Christian, growing in faith in your personal way, discerning God’s voice, and building ‘Godfidence’. Just know that you are welcome with whatever it is you have on your heart. We will always first see if we ‘click’ (connect), before we move on to determining your coaching theme (vision) and work and walk towards it, one step at a time.


Selection of Trainings I’ve absolved that inspire me in coaching:

Certified life coach, CBT-based coaching, NLP Communication, DISC and drivers, behavioral modication.
The best training has been all the coaching sessions I have received and still do, throughout my life.  


First, here’s your reminder that there’s nothing wrong with you. It can happen to us all. This phase does not define who you are, His grace does (just had to put that in;) It’s about how we deal with what we are going through that makes us stronger.


The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.

 I will advise you and watch over you. 

-Psalm 32:8

On the journey of life, who or what guides you?

When you get lost, how do you find your way back?

How do you see your next step when the situation seems dark?  

So much for starting with small talk, as you’ll see, I prefer to dive right in. 😉


All coaching sessions take place as an online video call (Zoom, Skype)


If you live in The Netherlands, we also have the possibility to  meet in persion in The Hague region, for an extra fee of €25 per session.


Your coaching session can take place in either English, Dutch, or German.


All coaching sessions take 60 minutes.


Usually you will have a session every 2 weeks, unless you prefer a different rhythm.

In the time between sessions there may be assignments. It’s important to actually do the work, as this accelerates the coaching process.


The regular price for a single session is €75.

There  are also different packages available, which you can find >>here.


Ideally, you book a number of coaching sessions ahead of time. This creates commitment and contributes to completion. 

The length of a coaching trajectory varies as needed.

An average is 5 to7 sessions over 2 to 3 months. We can always adapt the timing according to your schedule.


During our coaching trajectory,  you are always welcome to ask me any related questions via e-mail.


Which themes can you bring to your coaching session? 

Basically, anything. that’s holding you back. 

It’s important to formulate your topic in a precise and positive way. You’ll receive information about just that, ahead of the session. We’ll also discuss and define your theme in your first session, and regularly check back in about it.



Frequently Asked Questions

the International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as:

“partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

A more simple description of coaching is that: 

A coach brings you from where you are to where you want to be. 

A Life Coach supports you in:

Reaching a clearly defined and desired goal in your life (as opposed to for instance a business coach, who would focus on the work arena). This desired goal is highly personal. It can range anywhere from overcoming overwhelm to taking steps towards your dream, moving jobs or moving countries, becoming more confident or more peaceful. 

We will detail and define this goal during your life coaching trajectory and regularly check-in on your progress. We will also look at what has been holding you back so far and how to overcome those obstacles. Depending on the amount of sessions, we will usually end our trajectory with a simple, personal action plan.

Your Life Coach supports by being fully present with you, asking individual and at times intuitive questions, to support you in finding your own answers and solutions.  

If you are asking yourself this question, there is a good chance that  a coach can make a difference in your life.

Here below are several situations in which a Life Coach can support you:

  • Feeling Lost
    You may currently be feeling lost in your life. Not knowing what to do next, you may have lost your spark, your enthusiasm for life for a little while. Life Coaching can help you create clarity and get back on track.

  • Transitions
    Life Coaching can help you through the transitions in life. Whether you are facing or are in the middle of one. Transitional times can often be unsettling. You may need to find your footing, a new foundation, finding and redefining yourself, finding out what next steps to take and processing related emotions in order to emerge from this phase stronger.

  • Feeling Stuck 
    Sometimes situations in your life aren’t moving forward as fast as you like, or they are not moving at all, or moving in a different direction than desired. You may even be unsure of your desired direction. Life Coaching can help you change your perspective and create new possibilities. 

  • Decisions
    At times, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Circumstances may have left us unsure about who we are and what direction to move in. Life Coaching can help you get more clear on your priorities, values and next steps.  

  • Insecurity 
    Do you often feel as if you are not enough? Not good/ smart/ productive/ successful/ etc. enough? Always strict with yourself? Perfectionistic? Negative thoughts? Afraid to fail? Life Coaching can assist you in looking at beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back and update and upgrade your way of looking at yourself and your life.

  • Overwhelm
    You may be feeling overwhelmed, as though you are holding up just one too many plates, not sure about which one to put down or pick up first. Priorities. Time management. Values. Goals. Life Coaching can support you in creating a clear pathway out of your overwhelm and increase your sense of peace.

  • Fear
    Do you have a goal or dream that you would like to work towards but fear is holding you back? This can show up as constant procrastination, self-doubt, anxiety, distraction, comparison or negative thoughts. Life Coaching can help you recognize the ways in which fear holds you back in your life and move towards the freedom to follow the path of your purpose. 

That’s a good question! And one that is often asked. Here below is a simple definition of each.

Coaching vs. Counseling or Therapy

The most simple way to look at it is that counseling and therapy help you to move from -1 to 0. What does that mean? It means that you move away from pain, mainly looking at your past, to move towards a stronger present. For instance, if you have any mental health problem, then counseling or therapy will be of better choice than coaching. The support you receive is more specialized and you will move from temporary instability to a firm foundation.

Coaching on the other hand, helps you to move from 0 to +1. This means that coaching moves you from a strong present to a stronger future. It means that you are already functioning in life at a stable-to-good level, but you would like to improve and move from good to better, or even great.

Coaching vs. Consulting 

Consulting also supports you reaching certain goals and finding solutions, but these are brought to you by experts in their particular field. Simply said, a consultant will give advice and answers your questions, whereas a coach asks questions and helps you find your own answers.

Consulting brings specific expertise, whereas a coach sees you as the expert of your own life, and supports you in finding your own solutions.

Coaching vs. Training

Training is about transmitting knowledge. Following a training is helpful if you want to learn more and grow in a particular area and need to more information to do so. 

Coaching on the other hand, is highly individual. Whereas training offers information, coaching offers inspiration and insights for your particular situation.

Coaching vs. Mentoring

A mentor is someone who has walked a particular path before you and works in the same field that you work or aspire to work in. They are at least several steps ahead of you and invest time to provide you with information and inspiration to help you get ahead. They transmit knowledge based on their experience and/or expertise.

A coach may or may not have walked the same path that you would like to move forward on, but this is irrelevant for the coaching relationship. Instead of providing resources, coaching sees you as the source of information, inspiration and insights for your own success. A coach will not steer but will support you in reaching your personally defined path.

Even though each session is entirely different for each person, there are a number of elements that are the same during a coaching trajectory.

We always start out with defining and detailing your coaching topic and goal for our trajectory.

You will receive reflection assignments related to your coaching topic or session in-between sessions.

And we will create a simple personal action plan, for you to move forward even after our trajectory has ended.

This depends entirely on your personal situation. Generally, a life coaching trajectory includes about 5 coaching sessions spread out over 5 weeks to 3 months. You can personally decide your preference.

A longer trajectory, for instance with 10 sessions spread out over 10 weeks to 6 months will help you better integrate your increases the chance that improvements will better integrate and change is more likely to last. 

A shorter trajectory, for instance with 3 sessions spread out over 3 weeks to 2 months, may be a better choice if you are dealing with a very specific coaching topic or simply have less time available.

It’s also always possible to start with a lower number of coaching sessions and add extra sessions as needed.

Not unless you want it to 😉 It does mean that I pray before we meet online for our coaching session, just as some coaches might meditate or draw cards. Why? Basically to be of better service to you. Praying beforehand doesn’t only increase peace, it may even improve the impact of our coaching results. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Being a Christian also means that I personally work from a Christian perspective and professionally strive to adhere to Christian values. In the end this too will only have a positive impact on the end result.  

This is a good question. Because yes, I am a Life Coach and yes, I am a Christian. And even though I did not follow a Christian Life Coaching training, I do hold a general Life Coaching degree, I also operate from a Christian perspective and am continuously educating myself around Christian Coaching.

If you are a Christian and are interested in Life Coaching, I am happy to support you in the following way. Our Life Coaching trajectory will be more focused around God’s purpose and path for you. We will pray before and after your session to make sure that the Holy Spirit guides our time together and that we stay as close to scripture and to God as possible.

To summarize. We can integrate our Christian worldview as much or little as you are comfortable with.

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First things first. You matter.

You are important, you are loved, you are valuable
…even if you can’t receive it right now. 

No matter what life looks like or what you’re going through, you’re not alone
…even if you can’t perceive it right now

God is guiding you, sending the right people on your path, showing you the next steps
…even if you can’t believe it right now. 

“I (the Lord) will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.

Psalms 32:8