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Moving your Vision to Visibility

Are you….

Burning to Bring your Gifts to the World?
Ready to Rise Above Inner and Outer Limitations?
Determined to make a Difference in the Lives of Others?



Coaching and Consulting for Inspired Entrepreneurs

You have a gift to give, a difference to make and you can contribute to the world in a BIG way if you follow your inspiration. You’re needed.  


What a shame if this contribution is limited by lack of clarity in marketing, lack of visibility due to inner blocks, or lack of focus due to hours spent on tasks that are not really part of your purpose!
Time to…  


Focus on what fulfills you!


➠ Do you desire to make a difference in the world, crave to create a company to share your message or mission? But don’t know where to start?

➠ Do you want your business to be visible online but feel *slightly* overwhelmed?

➠ Do you feel ready to rise to the next level in your business, but seem to be bumping into the same blocks over and over again?


You Are Not Alone…   


Especially as a solopreneur, it can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes you just need a little support to take that first step or last leap, overcome obstacles, or find  your focus to fully shine your bright light!

Someone to walk beside you, cheer you on and support you on the occasionally long, but purposeful path towards a business that lights you up?


Nice To Meet You!  


My name is Nicky and I love supporting people to SHINE!


As a Vision Coach, it is Part of my Purpose and PASSION to support people to find the the vision that makes them SHINE and bring it to VISIBILITY.



With Intuition & Inspiration, Strategy & Sensitivity,

Combined with Social Media- and Self-Care Savvy

I look forward to walking with you for a while as an: 


 *  Intuitive Business Coach  *  Conscious Consultant 
* Online Marketing Mentor * Soulful Sounding Board 
*  Accountability Angel  *  Brainstorm Buddy
* Word Wizard * Instagram Initiator  * 



What Do YOU Need Most At This Moment?


Building a business can be a fast-track to personal growth,
bringing up your biggest blocks while leading to your deepest fulfillment. I’d love to support you in surfing the waves towards  success.


Some examples of session results are:

Breakthroughs in business and personal growth
Aligned action plans that makes you excited to start
Sweet and simple social media strategy that suits your soul
Bringing your programs out into the world with luscious launches
Igniting that inner spark and rediscovering the passion for your business



Ready to reach your next level?


Vision to Visibility Program (1 on 1)

Whether you’re about to begin your business or are well on your way, sometimes it takes a little social -savvy and heart-centered help to speed up the process!


This Is What You Receive:


 • Coaching Sessions (1, 3 or 7x) depending on your package.
• Free resources and tech-training videos as required.
• Aligned action steps at the end of each session.
• Weekly check-in moment to stay on track!
• Skype, Zoom, FB Video –  You choose.
•  Schedule your own sessions.



Package Possibilities

1 Single Session:
110 euro

3 Sessions:
320 euro

5 Sessions:
530 euro

(All-In prices, no surprises!)

Or first connect for a FREE Clarity Call:

In that case, simply fill out this short application form.
If it feels right on both sides, we will have a free 20-Min Clarity Call,
in which we start zooming in on your personal & business potential.


What to Expect? Others About Nicky

  • ‘Nicky has a profound talent to see the potential in others. Her reflections and feedback helped and encouraged me to step up to do what my heart longed to do, but which I didn’t give myself permission to. For instance, did we brainstorm ideas how to increase my wealth, which helped me amongst other things to achieve a major shift in my career! Thank you for everything, Nicky!’

    Bibi Gratzer, Austria
    Founder and Life Coach at
  • “Thank you so much for your session helping me to get to the bottom of some of my fears around public speaking and what was holding me back.

    Before our session the thought of public speaking petrified me and I was dreading having to do a talk later on that day, but you helped me to change all that! I can’t believe how much I LOVED getting up and speaking! I wasn’t nervous and had so much fun presenting.

    Thank YOU so much Nicky! Seriously, our session was brilliant. I can’t believe how deep we went in such a short time.”

    Tara Jackson, UK
    Holistic Health and Wellness Coach at
  • Nicky is a human angel, that’s for sure. In a brief breakfast chat she coached me through a deeply set traumatic memory and belief I had been holding energetically for what feels like my entire life. I was ready to release it but with Nicky’s support I felt safe in doing so

    Sydney Campos, USA
    Author and Mentor at
  • I Just had my inner critic session with Nicky, and all I can say is, wow. This simple session is actually a life-changer! I want everyone I know to do it! The world would be a different place if we all rose above this inner critic. So if you’re wondering whether or not this is for you, wonder no longer. The answer is yes. You will stand taller afterward. Thank you, Nicky! You are a treasure”

    Dia Michelle Smith, USA + Bali
    Soul Therapist and Yoga Teacher
  • “After spending an afternoon with Nicky focused on goals and dreams, in one brief sentence, she was able to shift a mental pattern from fear to freedom which set me on track for success and growth immediately. I have been able to apply this to multiple areas in my life since! Thanks for your highly effective, professional support Nicky!”

    Ashley David, USA
    Women's Empowerment Facilitator

Ready to Light Up Your Life?

Are you ready to ignite your inner fire?
Are you ready to DO your dreams?
Are you ready for more flow?
Are you ready for a reset?
Are you ready to rise?
And to shine?
Simply send me a message or apply for
your free clarity call to get started!

(20 min free 1-on-1 Skype call) 


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