A Letter For When You’re Tempted To Give Up

This is a letter from my heart to yours, for those of you that are in transition times. Those phases in life when you can’t see what’s next, when you’re tempted to give up, even though deep inside you know you shouldn’t.

Whether it’s a break-up or a move to a new city or country, a new job beginning or an old one ending, a dream that didn’t work out (yet), a plan or a project that you started but which is taking longer than expected…

Sometimes we’re too tired to tell ourselves, so let this letter remind you that:
you’re not alone, this too shall pass and will bring blessings and lessons, this is a phase you will probably look back on with gratitude, as it made you so much stronger and you wouldn’t have been the same without it. Reminding you to hold on just a little longer. So, let’s go:

Dear You,

Are you currently going through a difficult phase in your life? A hard part of the journey, heartbreak, tough luck, a rough ride, waiting season or whatever it is that has you tempted to become depressed, discouraged, defeated or down?

You may be tempted to give up hope and return to what you were or did before. Tempted to no longer continue on the path that you chose, that has chosen you, to become a greater version of yourself.

Sometimes it’s just those last steps towards the desired destination that are the hardest. 

Your situation may seem hopeless and immovable. You may have tried all you could and there is still no hope on the horizon. You may be tired of waiting. Tempted to give up faith. But before you do, I hope you can take these words to heart. Meant to remind you to once more, open your heart to hope.

Growth is hard. Life consists of  a series of chances to make choices to change. 

It’s these crossroads that decide what our lives will look like, what direction we are moving in. Are you satisfied with yours? Just remember that you can always choose again.

Yes, circumstances may look gloomy, there are not many signs of improvement and fear is raising its voice with its arguments to choose the easy way out, to not take that risk, to not stretch, to no longer keep going into that direction.

Fear likes to keep you small… stressed… struggling… and stuck.

Because that’s its comfort zone, it knows how to navigate there. It’s what our past or a part of us is used to and longing for because it is familiar. No more challenges, no more change, no more uncertainty. Yet… change is the only constant in life. Life changes all the time. 

Seeds grow to saplings to flowers, caterpillars grow to cocoons to butterflies. It’s pure trust and faith that gets us there.

When we stop moving along with life, we wither… we see it in nature and we see it in our own nature. When we hold on to a branch along the proverbial river shore of what we’re used to, we may stay safe for a while but one day our strength weakens and we have to let go as the strong stream will take us along with full force.

So  in fact, it is not a question whether will you go along out of comfort and into change, the question is, when and how you will.

Will you jump and trust the process willingly while maintaining a hopeful positive attitude and perhaps have some fun along the way?

Or will you let yourself be dragged and complain about the speed or the strength or the stress of the stream?

It’s all in your hands, or actually, in your mind. You are the one who gets to choose your attitude and mindset. 

No one can take that power from you. How will you use it ? Will you fill your mind with hopeful, beautiful, encouraging, uplifting, faithful and fun thoughts?

Or will you let your kind be cluttered with thoughts of fear, futility, feeling down, doubt and doom scenarios?

You choose. Which path seems more appealing?
How will you choose to live?

It’s a choice that you get to make each morning, each moment at times. Your attitude is one of the few factors you can actually control in life. And if nothing else, this choice will determine your degree of happiness, optimism, confidence and likability in life.

So the next time you are tempted to give up and give in,

Will you let fear and doubt win and do you dare to let love in?

I am here to believe in you until you believe in yourself once again. Wishing you strength on this part of your journey and especially the faith that all will be well.

With love and lots of encouragement, from experience,


PS. And if you need a little extra support for a while, welcome to contact me for a free clarity call or life coaching session.

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