What exactly is coaching and what can you expect?

What is Coaching?

A Life Coach Helps You Define and Reach Your Desired Destination in Your Life.

That destination is highly personal,  for example:

Is Life Coaching the Right Choice For You?

Here Is a Simple Overview of What Life Coaching Is, and What It's Not:

Life Coaching Means: 

 Answers: a life coach will assist you in finding your own answers and you may be surprised at the wisdom of them.
 Goal-Orientation: At the beginning of our trajectory, we will define an objective for our time together, and each session we will work and walk closer toward that goal. 
 Action-Orientation: As inspiring as it is to gain insights, it’s just as important to implement them, which we will do in an individual and step-by-step way.
 Engagement: Coaching is like a dance in which we both participate. As your coach, I will show up fully prepared and present for your session, and it’s just as important for you to do the ‘work’ during and sometimes in-between sessions.

Life Coaching Does Not Mean:

X Instant Results: Growth takes time, we can see it in nature and it’s the same with personal growth. Just like losing weight, the faster you lose it, the sooner it’s usually gained back.
X Mentoring or Consulting: I will will not give you any advice in these sessions, I do assist you in finding your own answers.
X  Therapy or Counselling: We will not process your past in detail and if you have underlying issues, I do advise you to seek professional help first.
X A Cookie-Cutter-Approach: While I do use techniques at times, I do not offer a 10-step plan or program. Our coaching journey is highly individual and depends on your own input too.

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